Free Rider 3


The only official sequel to Free Rider 2 and replacement to Canvas Rider.
Free Rider 3 is the long awaited sequel to Free Rider 2 and official replacement to Canvas Rider! Find out why over 100 million players have driven this BMX rider to his death in the most addictive bike game of all time. Play thousands of community created tracks or draw your own track!

Game Features:

– Race for best times and perform insane stunts
– Watch replays
– Ghost Runs (compete live against other players)
– Save your favorite tracks
– 1000s of user created tracks
– Create your own track with the full featured editor!


– Left/Right arrow to lean.
– Up/Down arrow to pedal and brake.
– Enter to restart.
– Z to change direction

We want to make Free Rider 3 the best Free Rider game ever, send us your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the game!

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