Cut The Rope


If you love purely addictive touch screen puzzle games, you will be enthused by Cut the Rope.

Developed by Russian entertainment company ZeptoLab, this game is now widely available on several different platforms and devices including Android, Nintendo, etc.

Most importantly, the game has proven to be a huge success considering that by May 2015, it had already been downloaded more than 600 million times! Surprisingly or not, nine days after its initial release, the game had been purchased one million times, leading it to quickly rise to the top of the App Store’s charts.

Therefore, there is no surprise that the game was released on so many different platforms. For example, the Android version was released in June 2011, the DSiWare version was released in September 2011, whereas the Nintendo 3DS version was available in 2013. Blackberry also got a piece of the pie, and Cut The Rope quickly became available to Blackberry, also in 2013.


The goal of the game is, as the name suggests, cutting pieces of rope at different stages of the game, all with the aim of getting a colourful piece of candy into the grinning mouth of the Om Nom monster.


When the game first begins, you’ll find the challenge quite easy, as the puzzles are designed to be quick to solve in the beginning, requiring only a couple of swipes in order to feed your candy-hungry monster. As the game progresses though, the challenge factor will also go up, but not in a way that won’t allow players to keep up.


For example, your attention to detail will be challenged, as the challenges will include multiple ropes, energy barriers, moving bubbles, all while needing to find out a way to get to the prize: the elusive piece of candy.  In other words, using various objects such as floating bubbles, the candy must also be manipulated in such a way that it will avoid obstacles while safely reaching the Om Nom’s mouth.


So how about the reward system?

Designers of these types of games know you’re interested in feeling rewarded. That’s why each level introduces new challenges, and levels are scored with a zero to three star rating. It all depends on how many stars the player has managed to pick up, and the overall achieved score also depends on the number of stars collected and the amount of time taken to complete the level.

If you’re already hooked in and are wondering how you can get your hands on this game, there are many options out there. For example, there is a video game version where you can enjoy new levels and updated graphics. Nintendo 3DS’s touchscreen make it a lot easier for players to cut a piece of rope in such a way that the candy will fall directly into your new friend’s mouth.

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